Michigan Cancer Consortium: Managing Health Concerns After Prostate Cancer Treatment

Men with prostate cancer often have troubling health related concerns that continue after treatment has ended.

A team of prostate cancer survivors, nurses and physicians with expertise in prostate cancer, along with the Michigan Department of Health and Human, created these guides for managing health related concerns after prostate cancer treatments. Each guide is designed to help men and their loved ones manage the health related concerns that can occur following treatment.

Each guide describes a health related concern, provides practical tips for managing it and indicates when further professional help is needed. Accompanying the guides is a list of websites that men and their loved ones can visit to learn more about prostate cancer.

All guides developed in September 2009 and the English guides were updated in September 2016. All guides are available as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file*.

  • Bowel Problems After Radiation


  • Brittle Bones From Hormone Therapy


  • Coping with Cancer Stress — Skills for Patients and Caregivers


  • Coping with Hormone Changes from Prostate Cancer Treatment


  • Listening and Talking — Family Communication and Prostate Cancer
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